Internationally acclaimed music recording studio by Remko Schouten & Co. Legendary for its great sounding drums and overall ambience and acoustics. 24/7 service for all your recording- and writing sessions. Recording, mixing and mastering in all genres, and excellent for recording bands in a live setting.

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We offer our clients complete control over the session, and we’ll use our expertise to make suggestions and come up with fresh ideas.

There are two iso-booths available, a keyboard corner with an upright Yamaha piano, our Hammond + Leslie and a Rhodes piano, plus lots of space for drums, guitar amps etc.

We’ve created a comfortable domestic atmosphere in which the recording artists can relax and work without any stress or peer pressure. Gear, facilities and location of a recording studio are important, but good vibes and a lotta love are what music really needs. And stories. We happen to have lots of them that might spark your creativity.

Check our Facebook page for the latest news and updates or scroll along down this page to get to know more about our background, clientele, IJland Spotify portfolio playlist and more. Or just drop by for a coffee and a chat, we smell good too!

❤ the IJand Crew.