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Bedroom Floor, the charmingly yet compelling new single by Bull is the latest fruit dropping on Six Def Records as a result of last spring’s blossoming cooperation with Remko .


IJland regulars Rob Klerkx & The Secret are back again. Check out their latest IJland-recording Fever Dream.


Serial Chiller from Hull, England, have released their single No Fun under our label Six Def Records. We've gotta be honest with you though: we had tons of fun while recording it at IJland. EP to be released early 2020!


Who said the Dutch language is harsh-sounding? Tonight: Clittenband EP release of De Smaak van Verhalen. IJland Studio recording artists Clittenband will perform their freshly released EP in their elegant and eloquent yet raw and rowdy manner.

Check out this symbiosis of seductive words and deep tones and get truly involved on this 26th of October that's already way to hot with 18℃, and temperature still rising..

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After performing with IJland Studio recording artists Serial Chiller and Bull in Amsterdam and Hull, England, already, we're excited and delighted to welcome Dutch all-girl indie krautrock band The Klittens to the studio to record their debut EP. Check out the live recording of Bleeding Gums we made last year.


IJland Studio presents Stephen Malkmus live at Concerto Recordstore Amsterdam!

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Inside Electron have recorded their debut album at IJland Studio. Check out the first single and don't forget to go see them at the release party in the The Hague with support act by PEACH.


Post-punk minded KIEFF have settled for the next two days to record at IJland. Check out their recent EP 'Das Anton' - distributed by Geertruida.


Bull have released their first single Love Goo / Eugene on vinyl in association with our label Six Def Records. Check your streaming service and if you like it, support what you love and buy it!


Remko will be on tour with Stephen Malkmus for two weeks as F.O.H. during his solo tour promoting 'Groove Denied'


Kasper Spijkerman started as our new intern. More


The girls from Clittenband are finishing up the recordings of their debut-EP 'De Smaak van Verhalen'. The release will take place on 29 October in Den Bosch.


POM from Haarlem released their first single 'Down the Rabbit Hole'. Mixed and mastered at IJland Studio.


The U.K. can leave us, but we'll never leave the British! Instead we'll offer them a place to play and stay. De VerbroederIJ, Bull and IJland Studio are hosting an international band night featuring so many great upcoming indie bands from the U.K. and the Netherlands, we're still a bit in awe ourselves. Join us!
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Last winter we had the honour and pleasure of welcoming our friend Mark Kozelek to the studio once again. A couple of days of writing and recording resulted in the beautiful track Parakeet Prison from the album Joey Always Smiled.


Great news! The Daily Indie got tipped by recording artists El Fatso about all the stories we've got in store and decided to send over a crew and write a feature about IJland Studio. We're honoured and delighted!