What we offer in and outside our recording studio

We offer our clients complete control over the recording session, and we’ll use our expertise to make suggestions and come up with fresh ideas.

There are three iso-booths available, a keys corner with an upright Yamaha piano, our Hammond + Leslie and, Rhodes Mark II piano, Juno 106, plus lots of space for drums, many great guitar amps, instruments etc. (Check our space & gear section).

We’ve created a comfortable homely atmosphere in which the recording artists can relax and work without stress or peer pressure. Gear, facilities and location of a recording studio are important, but good vibes, a safe space, the absence of big egos that we find so often in music and a whole lotta love, are what music really needs. Without obstacles, creativity can sparkle and feelings and ideas can freely flow.

Scroll along down this page to get to know more and use the menu for more info. Always welcome to drop by for a coffee, or on one of our infamous Friday afternoon drinks at our own cozy little bar.

 Remko Schouten & Tim Visser

Recording Studio

With a broad musical taste and experience in many genres, we record virtually everything. From pop, rock, hip-hop, indie, to jazz ensembles, classical music, singer/songwriter, rap, vocalists, to film scores and voice over work. The most important thing is that you as an artist or client are feeling at ease with the place and its people. That's why we invite you to meet beforehand, or have a chat on the phone.

We're big advocates of recording acts in a live setting, capturing the studio's beloved acoustics and sweet room sound.


Whether you have a clear idea about what you want, or if you're not quite sure yet where your creative ideas should lead to, we're here to work it out. At IJland we're not just audio engineers, but also experienced musicians and music producers who know what it's like to be on the other end of the cable. Our aim is to create a safe environment where we think and feel along with you, with the utmost respect for your ideas, doubts, or insecurities. You'll never be forced in any direction. We work with respect for what is already there, and will always look for the best way to make you and your music flourish, so that it becomes truly yours.


Wether it's recorded in our studio, a homestudio or anywhere else, Remko or Tim will mix your songs to your liking, at any given time or deadline. We work closely with the artist and will never impose ideas or directions on you and your work. You are the owner, our goal is to fully realize what is already hidden in there.

Writing | Pre-Production

IJland Studio is a great place for writing, trying things out with the many instruments we have, pre-production and rehearsals tha tyou can record yourself. Special deals are available in combination with recording sessions upon request.

Voice over and podcast

Our dead quiet iso-booth is perfect for voice overs of any kind. When working from a remote location with a client, a solid high speed fibre internet connection enables you to be in direct contact, or to record remotely from our studio into yours from around the world.

Our homely, sound proof live room provides the ideal location for recording a podcast with multiple people.

Live Sound

Experience and know how is a must. When available, we will make your act sound solid in about any location. Examples of cliënts we've worked for:

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead | 50 Cent | The Cribs |  Mogwai | Palace Brothers (Bonnie "Prince" Billy) | Personal Trainer | Pavement | Silver Jews | Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks | zZz