Awesome recordings, everybody happy, what’s next? Of course this depends on what you want as a musician, but in case releasing your single/ep/album, performing live as much as possible and selling some merch is on the list, Six Def Records might be your stepping stone into the business. Based on talent, motivation, goals and overal professionality we might be interested in establishing a lasting relationship where we provide a safe haven in a frantic world. Being a studio label we focus not on genre, but on music that makes us happy and musicians that we like to work with. Interested? Get in touch!



Free House Publishing is a publishing fund under the umbrella of Pennies From Heaven (Caro Emerald, Brainpower, Claw Boys Claw, Capeman etc.). Should it be that a very promising artist needs recordings but cannot afford it, we can offer a publishing contract on behalf of the IJland Studio and Free House Publishing. This way the artist has the opportunity to record an album with a closed wallet. For more info contact