the stepping stone record label of ijland studio


Awesome recordings, everybody happy, what’s next? Of course this depends on what you want as a musician, but in case releasing your single/ep/album, performing live as much as possible and selling some merch is on the list, Six Def Records might be your stepping stone into the business. Based on talent, motivation, goals and overall professionality we might be interested in establishing a lasting relationship where we provide a safe haven in a frantic world. Being a studio label we focus not on genre, but on music that makes us happy and musicians that we like to work with. See below for an overview of our artists and latest releases.


Artist: Serial Chiller

Title: No Fun (single)

Date: November 2019

Release: streaming

As if formed from the mould growing on a leftover chips and cheese, a bass player was cultivated, turning the band into the perfect love triangle. Shipped off to Amsterdam, they recorded their first EP in IJland Studio, set to be released this year.
The first single from When It’s Party Time, is No Fun. Asking the central question, ‘do we have fun anymore?’ through clattering guitars, fuzz and an attention span unable to sit through the latest Bladerunner. It watches as wine bottles get emptied, cigarettes get smoked and life gets lived. Agitated in the corner it declares itself unable to conform to a culture of hedonism in a time of austerity.
The video takes you on a cut and paste tour of Amsterdam, avoiding all popular attractions for aimless walking, scraping together food and nights in the studio. Like the song itself, it searches for meaning in a world that moves at hyperspeed.

Artist: Bull

Title: Love Goo (single)

Date: September 2019

Release: Vinyl as Love Goo / Eugene single + streaming

Artist: Bull

Title: Eugene (single)

Date: May 2019

Release: Vinyl as Love Goo / Eugene single + streaming

Artist: Wondertrees

Title: Change of Heart (album)

Date: June 2019

Release: Streaming

Artist: Rose Doolan

Title: Free As I Said I Would Be (EP)

Date: March 2019

Release: Streaming + CD

Artist: Bull

Title: Perfect Teeth (single)

Date: February 2019

Release: Streaming

Artist: Rose Doolan

Title: November Rain (single)

Date: November 2018

Release: Streaming

Artist: Jonathan Coughlan & the Good Folks

Title: Nothin’ Like Home (single)

Date: September 2018

Release: Streaming

Album due December 2019

Artist: Six Def

Title: Damn Fever

Date: September 2013

Release: CD + Streaming

Opening track I’m the King featured in Suits


our publishing fund in cooperation with pennies from heaven

Free House Publishing is a publishing fund under the umbrella of Pennies From Heaven. Should it be that a very promising artist needs recordings but cannot afford it, we can offer a publishing contract on behalf of the IJland Studio and Free House Publishing. This way the artist has the opportunity to record an album with a closed wallet. For more info contact