The studio

Two recording / production rooms with iso-booths

Our studio can be utilized in multiple ways. In the classic recording setup, Studio A functions as the control room for the live room, also being Studio B. When mixing, producing or recording in a smaller setting, Studio A en B are both stand alone recording rooms each equiped with their own isolation booth.

The iso-booth in the live room is equiped with windows, enabling the recording artists to see each other and the engineer during their performance. So when desired, you’re able to record all instruments simultaneously, but isolated, without sounds bleeding into one another.  This not only results in catching that essential vibe of making music together like you always do, but also gives the possibility to do retakes or fixes on individual instruments later on, without compromising that golden take.

Our lounge is equipped with a kitchen that can be stocked with groceries from the supermarket right across the street (!). Read a book in silence, watch a classic movie, play darts or even GTA on the Playstation and you’ll be right at home even more.


IJland Studio is a creative playground, with many old and new instruments and inspiring vintage analog recording gear in combination with Universal Audio Apollos and M1/2 Macs, safely uploading every minute into the cloud


Studio A
Functions as the control room for the live room / Studio B, and as a standalone production and mixing studio with its own iso-booth.

2x Universal Audio Apollo 16 Quad audio interface
Mac Mini M2 16Gb + 34″ monitor

Toft ATB16 32 channel in-line mixing console
Siemens V276 pre (7x)
API 3124+ quad mic pre
Universal Audio 6176 valve pre /comp
Neve 1073LB pre
Lindell Audio 6X-500 pre (2x)
Telefunken M5 B master tape recorder
dbx 560A (2x)
Kush Audio Electra 500 EQ (2x)
Lindell Audio 7X-500 comp (2x)
Purple Audio LilEQpr EQ
Tube Tech LCA2B dual compressor
Tube Tech SSA 2B summing amp
Aphex Aural Exciter 104

Genelec 1031A
Yamaha NS-10

Studio B
Functions as the live recording room and as a large production and mixing room with iso-booth.

Universal Audio Apollo 8 Quad Thunderbolt 2 audio interface
Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra

PSI A17-M + Genelec 7050C sub
TANNOY System 12 DMT  + Genelec 7050C sub
Avantone MixCube

All monitors calibrated with SoundID Reference



AKG 414B-ULS (pair)
AKG CK451 (4x)
Griffon Fuzzyphone
Neumann U47 FET
Neumann U67
Neumann U87
Røde K2
Røde NT5 (pair)
Shure KSM44
Shure ß 87
Shure KSM137 (pair)


Beyer Dynamic M160 (2x)
Bumblebee RM-5 (2x)
Royer 121
RCA 77-D (upon request)


AKG D112
Electro-Voice RE20
Sennheiser MD21-U (2x)
Sennheiser MD421 (3x)
Shure KSM9
Shure SM7
Shure SM58 (4x)
Shure SM57 (6x)
Shure ß 52
Shure ß 56a
Shure ß 57
Shure ß 58

DRUMS | percussion | Beats

Ludwig Classic Maple Kit 22″x 16″x 13″

Snare drums
Ludwig Classic Maple 5″ x 14″
Ludwig Acrolite 5″ x 14″
Ludwig Black Beauty 5,5″ x 14″
Premier 1036 chrome on steel 6,5″ x 14″
Arai 70’s mahogony 5,5″ x 14″
Pearl Export EXL 5,5″ x 14″

Zildjian K Dark Custom Hihat 14″ set; K Light Hihat 15″ top; Paiste Rude Sound Edge Hihat 15″ bottom; Sabian Hihat 14″ set

Zildjian K Dark Custom Crash 16″; Zildjian Medium Crash 18″

Zildjian Avedis Crash Ride 18″; Pearl Pro Crash Ride 18″; Zildjian K Custom Ride 20″; Zildjian K Custom Session Ride 20″; Paiste Sound Formula Bright Ride 20″

Congas + Bongos
Meinl Headliner series conga set 10/11″
Meinl Live Sound series bongo set 6,75/8″

Lots of percussion
Shakers, woodblocks, guiros, many cowbells and tambourines, rainstick, etc. etc.

Vintage beat makers
Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-8L
BOSS Dr. Rythm DR-55
Electro Harmonix Crash Drum
Roland MC-202 Micro Composer
Roland MC-505 Groove Box
Roland Rhytm Arranger


Yamaha U1 Upright Piano
Rhodes Stage Piano Mark II Seventy Three
Wurlitzer 200A
Hammond X5 + Leslie 760
Roland Juno 106
Yamaha DX7
Korg MS-10
Farfisa VIP 200R
Arturia Minibrute
Nord Rack Virtual Analog
Yamaha P-90 Stage Piano

Arturia Keylab MKII + V Collection 11
Native Instruments MASCHINE + NI KOMPLETE 13 ULTIMATE Collector’s Edition

XLN Audio Addictive Drums + Keys


A-Designs REDDI Tube Direct Box
Ampeg B2
Ashdown Engineering Five 15
Fender ’59 Bassman 4 x 10″ Jensen
Fender Pro Junior Tweed PR-257 1×10″
Fender Super 60 1×12″
Fender Twin Reverb 2×12″ JBL (1978)
Marshall JMP 2144 2×12″ Celestion (1979)
Music Man 212-HD One Thirty 2×12″ (1977)
VOX AC15H1TV 1×12″ Celestion
Orange Micro Crush
Pignose Hog 20


Epiphone Casino (2021)
Fender Stratocaster Deluxe (2000)
Gibson Explorer (2019)
Gibson Firebird VII (2001)
Squier Telecaster (1983)

Egmond Princess semi-hollow (1964)
Squier Standard Jazz Bass (2007)
Squier Standard Precision (2004)

Epiphone FT-30 Caballero (1963)
Epiphone FT-160N twelve-string (1976)
Yamaha FG-200 western (1975)
Yamaha G-50A classical (1969)
Eko BA-4 fretless acoustic bass (1981)

Other string instruments
Balalaika, USSR
Banjo, MPM mahogany
Mandolin, Cremona bowl back mid 20th century Czechoslovakia
Ud, Syria
Dulcimer, Germany
Ukelele guitar, Mahalo six-string
Violin (cheap)

Effects and Pedals

Analogman Peppermint Fuzz
BOSS Super Overdrive SD-1
Catalinbread Echorec
Colorsound Fuzz
Death by Audio Echo Dream 2
Death by Audio Fuzz War
Death by Audio Reverberation Machine
Digitech Whammy V
Dunlop Classic Wah
Dunlop Fuzz Wah
Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander
Electro Harmonix Bad Stone Phaser
EHX Bass Balls, Russian 90’s
EHX Holy Grail V1
EHX Sovtek “Green Russian” Big Muff Pi
Ernst Model 1 OD (Tube Screamer)
Ernst Wiresurfer
Ernst Booster
FLEAK The Rebel
Fostex 3180 Reverb
Ibanez Chorus CS-505
Ibanez Flanger FL-301
Jen Cry Baby Wah 60’s
Lexicon PCM70+80
Malekko Ekko 616
Malekko Spring Chicken
Mike Matthews’ Soul Kiss
Pearl Echo Orbit EO-301
Pignose Piggy In A Box
Rob Dower’s Axeamps Alto Saturator
Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe
Roland Space Echo RE-201 (2x)
Roland SDE-330
TC Electronic Ditto Looper X2


Bell Voice/Talk box (Foxy)
Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard
Casio VL-Tone 5
Harmonicas Hohner
Melodicas Hohner
STEIM Cracklebox 01
Yamaha VSS 200 Voice Sampler
..and more