Our sister-studio at the heart of Amsterdam neigboring the greatest venues.

Welcome to Studio Americain! Located at the beautiful and famous art-deco American Hotel in Amsterdam that throughout its history functions as an artist’s hotel, attracting an endless array of musicians from the likes of Pink Floyd, to Tyler, the Creator, in which in some more recent cases they worked at Studio Americain too.

We offer various possibilities to work on your projects. At Studio Americain you can record, mix, produce, write music, master or just hang out. In any style or genre. Music, voice-overs, pre- and post production. Our studio space has a smooth and intimate vibe to it. Daylight included!

The American Hotel has a large history in hosting world-famous artists. It’s a great and inspiring environment to work in. Whilst staying at the hotel, just take the steps down and start creating right away….

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